Can ASOIAF be finished in two books?

George R.R. Martin has said that Winds of Winter and Dream of Spring will be the last two books in the series, but he himself has said that he may break this promise. Let’s look at the current plot lines left at the end of ADWD

The North:

  • Stannis vs. Boltons-Freys: “the North Remembers”, the Battle of Winterfell, Asha + Theon Greyjoy, Mance Rayder, the Iron Bank, Davos going to Skagos, Davos having to get Rickon back from Skagos, the North rallying under Rickon
  • The Wall: Jon’s ‘death’ and possible resurrection, Queen’s Men vs Wildings vs Night’s Watch, Melisandre’s role, the Others’ invasion, possible fall of the Wall
  • Bran: his increasing power, partnership with Bloodraven, ‘Coldhands’, fates of Jojen + Meera + Hodor, his ability to see the past with Weirwoods, his use against the Others
  • Huge fight against the Others

The Riverlands:

  • Post-war fighting: guerrilla warfare vs House Frey, the BWB (Gendry, Undead Cat, Thoros), Jaime and Brienne confronting the BWB, location of the Blackfish, Nymeria’s wolfpack

The Vale:

  • Littlefinger and Sansa: LF vs. Lords Declarant over the Vale, Robert Arryn, Alayne revealed as Sansa, Sansa possibly marrying Harry the Heir, Sansa’s possible actions with the armies of the Vale, LF’s creepy crush on Sansa

The Reach:

  • Ironborn threat: their naval raids, possible battles against the Tyrells and Redwynes
  • The Citadel: Sam’s training and investigating, Jaqen (‘Pate’) doing something for the FM, Sarella Sand in disguise, the Maesters’ goals
  • Aegon VI/Blackfyre’s allies: vassal Houses (Tarly, Hightower, Rowan) possibly being Aegon’s ‘friends in the Reach’ and defecting

The Stormlands:

  • Aegon VI/Blackfyre’s campaign: JonCon and the GC raising an army in Storm’s End, fight against the Iron Throne, reaction to ‘Aegon Targaryen’


  • Political scheming: Cersei’s Trial, Margaery’s Trial, weakening of Lannister-Tyrell Alliance, Varys’ machinations, Loras’ fate, the influence of the powerful Faith, fight against Aegon, defections to Aegon, Robert Strong’s role, “Valonqar Prophecy” (Myrcella + Tommen + Cersei dying), Nymeria + Tyene Sand in KL.


  • Balon Swann and Obara’s Hunt for Darkstar
  • Myrcella
  • Reaction to Quentyn’s death
  • Will Dorne declare and fight for Aegon? Will Arianne marry Aegon?


  • Battle of Meereen, with: Moqorro, Victarion, Tyrion, Jorah, Barristan, and a ton of fucking factions
  • Meereenese scheming: all the fucking Harzoos, plus the Harpy
  • Dani and Drogon with Jhaqo’s Khalasar, her future
  • Dani somehow getting to Westeros (will she win the Throne, fight the Others, take another husband?)


  • Victarion vs Euron: what will happen with the Dragon Horn, will there be a confrontation between Victarion and Euron, will either be able to bind dragons?
  • Aeron Damphair


  • Arya and her Faceless Man training
  • Sam passing thru…

So what do you think?  This is a lot of content, but will GRRM take a different angle and start to close these holes without opening new ones like he did in A Feast For Crows?