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With Season 4 complete, what to expect from Season 5

Picking up where season 3 left off, season 4 of Game of Thrones continued to deviate from the books where it thought it best for the viewers.  So I’ve been thinking about what to expect from Season 5.  It’s very much a mixed bag as the various story lines are at such different points as compared to their progress in the novels.

For instance the story at The Wall and in King’s Landing is matching up nicely with the end of A Storm of Swords, but Bran’s arrival at the Heart Tree places him almost to the end of his POV chapters from A Dance With Dragons.

Based on the casting information that we have about Season 5, I expect there to be a drastically increased focus on Dorne.  Cersei has mentioned Myrcella mulitple times in the latter half of the season, so viewers may be wondering what will happen to the little Princess.  After Oberyn’s amazing performance, it makes sense to increase the focus on Dorne.  But will we also gain the POVs of the Iron Born?  That much is not clear at this point.  The King’s Moot certainly seemed like a major event in the novels, but will the show runners decide that it is worthy to include?  It’s hard to say with the limited information that we have right now.  I think characters like Victarion and Euron could do well on the show, but it would depend heavily on their casting.  Asha/Yara is still out there as a wild card, and Balon still needs to fall to his death, so for now we will leave that as a question mark.

The Mereen story line isn’t too far off the novels at this point with Daenerys putting her 2 smaller dragons into confinement.  This happens towards the beginning of her chapters in A Dance With Dragons, so we can expect next season to cover most if not all of her content from ADWD. It will be interesting to see if show watchers can follow along with all of the internal political struggles of Mereen, or if they just moan for her to head to Westeros.

Lastly, I expect the meat of the season to be at the wall and Winterfell.  Ramsey’s wedding and Stannis heading south to conquer the North, and by extension, Daavos heading to White Harbor.  And so, while on that topic, I will leave you with a quote from Lord Wyman Manderly.

“Foes and false friends are all around me, Lord Davos. They infest my city like roaches, and at night I feel them crawling over me.” The fat man’s fingers coiled into a fist, and all his chins trembled. “My son Wendel came to the Twins a guest. He ate Lord Walder’s bread and salt, and hung his sword upon the wall to feast with his friends. And they murdered him. Murdered, I say, and may the Freys choke upon their fables. I drink with Jared, jape with Symond, promise Rhaegar the hand of my own beloved granddaughter…but never think that means I have forgotten. The north remembers, Lord Davos. The north remembers, and the mummer’s farce is almost done. My son is home.”

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What event are you looking forward to most in the remainder of Season 4?

The trial? Only Cat? The Wall?

We have our favorites, what are you looking forward to?

Which new character are you most excited for?

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Game of Thrones: Episode 3 recap

This was by far our favorite line:

Considering that Tommen’s soon to be wed to a woman who once offered to let King Renly hit it from the back so he could pretend she was her own brother, I’m not convinced Tywin’s characterization of sex as “relatively straightforward” is gonna cut it, to be honest.

As always, well written by Sean T. Collins at Rolling Stone.

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Season 4 Episode 1 recap

Sean T. Collins over at Rolling Stone:

Of course, they’re not the only family in town – and it sounds like if high-profile new arrival Prince Oberyn Martell has his way, they won’t be in town for much longer anyway. As a character, Oberyn – dubbed “The Red Viper” in author George R.R. Martin’s novels for his skill with poison – is our first introduction to the much talked-about region of Dorne, the southernmost of the Seven Kingdoms and its most culturally and politically independent.

I thought Oberyn’s introduction was great.  While his arrival was a deviation from the books, we’ve long since stopped caring about such things.  Although I do think his choice of words was a tad bit direct, though warranted to get the audience caught up on who “this Rhaegar guy” is.

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An Examination of Hoster Tully

Another great 3 part series from Bryndenbfish:  Be sure to read part 1, part 2, and part 3.

In part 1, we examined how Hoster Tully’s penchant for making alliances secured House Tully as one of the preeminent houses in Westeros at the outset of the War of the Five Kings, and in part 2, we examined Hoster’s political talents. In Part 3, we turn to more personal matters. While Hoster had a talented hand at politics, his downfall and the downfall of his house would come from the hands of those who were closest to him. The personal relationships that Hoster would cultivate would ultimately lead to the ruin of his House.

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Ok here it is, The Season 4 trailer

The Domishman slid sideways. “I am Oberyn Martell, a prince of Dorne,” he said, as the Mountain turned to keep him in sight.


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