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New graphic novel from GRRM available now

The Mystery Knight: A Graphic Novel

New From: $16.98 USD In Stock

Personally, my favorite Dunk and Egg story is The Sworn Sword, but the Mystery Knight introduces us to Bloodraven. A must own.

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Cyber Monday Deal – The Hedge Knight graphic novel

Wow, this is a pretty sweet deal today. The beautiful graphic novel for $7.78!

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Cyber Monday deal – A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Special deal for Cyber Monday of Amazon, The hardcover version of this book is $12.16 while it lasts.

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Reminder: GRRM does write books

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Taking place nearly a century before the events of A Game of Thrones, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms compiles the first three official prequel novellas to George R. R. Martin’s ongoing masterwork, A Song of Ice and Fire. These never-before-collected adventures recount an age when the Targaryen line still holds the Iron Throne, and the memory of the last dragon has not yet passed from living consciousness.

Before Tyrion Lannister and Podrick Payne, there was Dunk and Egg. A young, naïve but ultimately courageous hedge knight, Ser Duncan the Tall towers above his rivals—in stature if not experience. Tagging along is his diminutive squire, a boy called Egg—whose true name (hidden from all he and Dunk encounter) is Aegon Targaryen. Though more improbable heroes may not be found in all of Westeros, great destinies lay ahead for these two . . . as do powerful foes, royal intrigue, and outrageous exploits.

Featuring more than 160 all-new illustrations by Gary Gianni, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a must-have collection that proves chivalry isn’t dead—yet.

New From: $16.95 USD In Stock

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GRRM to release “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” in October, 2015

This is very exciting on one hand, because I am a huge fan of Dunk and Egg, but on the other hand, it seems hard to imagine that The Winds of Winter will also be released at the same time, which is my current prediction.

Either way I look forward to owning all three of the Dunk and Egg stories in one place and with new illustrations.

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GRRM wants to write a dozen Dunk and Egg Novellas

Interesting summary of an interview with GRRM from Winter is Coming:

The book that you’re talking about there is a novella about two characters called Dunk and Egg, who lived 90 years before the main story, and I’ve written three novellas about them and hope to write another dozen telling the whole story of their lives. But they are a prequel to what I think of as the main story, which is A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m doing some of the pre-history, the things that happened before, the characters who were legendary characters in the ‘present’ so to speak, I’m telling their stories too. The main story is still A Song of Ice and Fire, in with Game of Thrones.

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