George has released another Arianne excerpt

There has been some chatter that this was released in response to the recent episodes’ story progression. Hmmm…

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They were seven, facing three…

The Tower of Joy

Season 6 starts on Sunday…

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Help fight cancer and win signed books by GRRM

Check this out:

It’s for a great cause. Cancer continues to impact people all over the world in a negative way. Here is an opportunity to help fund research and possibly win a book.

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This 2nd trailer for Game of Thrones season 6 is down right incredible

I’m not usually one to get all excited because of a trailer, but wow. This trailer has a lot going on in it, and it’s even hard to imagine what season 7 could contain at this point given the plot points that are advancing in this trailer.

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The title of episode 1 of season 6 is “The Red Woman”

In a recent interview, Candace discussed that she will make a revelation in the first episode. Alternate title: “For fans of Melisandre”

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Well here it is, the trailer for Season 6 of Game of Thrones

Lots of things to see and take in here.

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