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George has released another Arianne excerpt

There has been some chatter that this was released in response to the recent episodes’ story progression. Hmmm…

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Some great discussion of the new sample chapters

If you are not familiar with “All Leather Must Be Boiled” you should be.  Sean and Stefan have two new episodes and each one is dedicated to each of the new sample chapters.  The Mercy episode and the Tyrion episode.

Both episodes thoroughly cover the new sample chapters and provide good insight to GRRM’s motives.  Listen and enjoy!

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New “Mercy” Chapter from The Winds of Winter up now

You can read the chapter on GRRM’s site.


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Another sample chapter released by GRRM for The Winds of Winter

Feast your eyes on this!

GRRM has updated his official web site with an new sample chapter from Arianne.  The Theon chapter is gone and replaced with this.  It’s up to you if you want to read it, but we highly recommend it!


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The first sample chapter has been released!

This has been a long and exciting journey my friends, and there is still a long portion of the King’s Road to travel.  But alas, George R.R. Martin has released a sample chapter from The Winds of Winter.  We are not permitted to post any of it on this site, so go on and click the link over to George’s site and read on!

As George explained on his “not a blog,” the chronology on this is a little complex.  I don’t want to spoil anything, so I will leave it at that.

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